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A Fully-integrated

Library Events Calendar

A seamless experience for your patrons and staff

A Patron-friendly Layout and Design

Clean, Simple, and Accessible

Display your events with only the most important information shown up-front. By prioritizing the content, and removing the clutter, your library event calendar will now be easy to view, simple to use, and logically organized. 

See Only What Interests You

There’s no need for users to be flooded with events that don’t interest them. With Piola, they’re able to find exactly what events they are interested in for the exact days they’re able to attend.

Interest-driven Filters

Allow users to refine results based on the type of audience, event category, and branch location. 

Keyword Search

Filters make it easy for patrons to find exactly what they’re looking for in a fraction of the time.

Built to Help You Promote Your Library Events

Increase Email Signups

Patrons want to know about events that interest them. That’s why Piola makes it easy for patrons to sign up for email notifications without leaving the page or losing their place. 

Leverage Social Media

All of the events on your Piola-powered site will be visible and searchable. If a user searches for “outer space”, they’ll get all event results related to outer space.

Boost Your Library Event Attendance with Piola

Feature Your Important Events

Boost Attendance

Piola lets you feature events of your choosing, helping you boost awareness and attendance for important events, or allowing you to increase the visibility of your library’s most popular programs. 

Unique Featured Events

Featured events are based on the filters patrons have chosen, making sure that each user sees the featured event that would most appeal to their interests.


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